Make the Most of Small Spaces with these Interior Design Tips

Most people know that a successful interior design is an important factor to making you feel comfortable in your own home. However, sometimes a homeowner will ignore the design of a space because they think it’s too small to matter. This simply  is not true. I can’t stress enough how important the design of every space in your home is. I highly recommend using the following interior design tips to make the most out of your home’s smaller spaces.

  • Light Colors – Avoid using warm, dark colors. These tend to make a room feel more intimate and cozy; however, they also make a room feel much smaller. Use lighter, cooler colors instead to help make the space feel bigger and more open.

    small space light color

  • Multi-Purpose – One way that you can keep a smaller space from seeming too cluttered is by using pieces of furniture that serve double functions.

    multi-purpose furniture

  • Lose the Coffee Table – Coffee tables take up massive amounts of space. Use smaller side tables that you can move around instead.

    living room no coffee table

    Rachel Reider Interiors via

  • Use Outdoor Space – Extend a room, such as a kitchen, outdoors via a deck and divide them with glass sliding doors to make the space seem more open. This is an especially viable option for homeowners in the South, where the warm climate is suitable for outdoor living areas.

    Master Bedroom To Courtyard

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