Passion for Purple

In ancient times, purple was one of the most difficult colors to make.  It was created by squeezing the murex sea mussel, called ‘porphura’ in Greek.  Because of the challenge and expense to make purple, it became associated with royalty and power.

Saturated purple walls can make a powerful statement in an interior space.  So to tone it down, consider lavender which can be just as soothing as the plant’s fragrance.  A perfect solution since purple is believed to hold the power to heal.

Purple also was one of the trends featured at High Point this Spring.  Check out these great ideas for using purple.

Purple Passion

I love purple so much that I recently added aubergine draperies to my living room.  The old curtains faded into the walls and lacked contrast.

purple chair

Blase' Before with Plain Cream Curtains

The new deep purple draperies add color, interest and enlivens the space.

purple draperies

And After...What a Difference!


Let me know about your passion for purple and how you might add it to your home.


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