Perk up Your Spaces with Chevron

The perky zigzags of Chevron patterns are making an interior design comeback. Chevrons have been used in indigenous art and textiles for thousands of years. You can perk up your living space using modern twists on this ancient artistic pattern with these ideas.

Artistic backgrounds. Use a boldly colored chevron pattern as a background for a recognizable silhouette, such as this one, where a yellow chevron pattern provides the background for a world map. Another creative way to achieve this look is to use a black and white, or gray and white, chevron pattern on a section of wall. Then add a colored bird silhouette and frame it using a similarly painted frame.chevron home accessory

Landscape accents. Look how cheerful this flower box becomes with the simple addition of brightly colored chevron stripes. Consider adding chevron patterns in bright colors to pottery and planters around your yard.chevron flower box

Textiles. Blankets, pillow covers, and bedding are an ideal medium for chevron patterns as they have been woven into fabrics for Millenia. Keep your eye out for bedding or other textiles that incorporate bold chevron patterns. They pair well with bright walls and other bold design accents.chevron couch pillow

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Images:Brightness Assets, PhotoBucket, Bungalow1a