Proper Lighting Transforms The Mundane Into The Sublime

Setting the mood in your home is important for many different things, the most important being rest and relaxation.  Lighting  can also have a positive or negative effect on our mood.

The right kind of lighting can spark a mood of total relaxation and a deep, intense tranquility.  Here’s a look at a lighting system perfectly suited to a tranquil mood:

photo credit: fresh home

The lighting systems and the individual spectral light combinations are operated with a gentle push of a button on a control panel on the rim of the bath so the desired effect can develop to its full potential in the course of a relaxed bath.

A wonderfully lite room has three light design elements – ambient lighting, task lighting and sparkle.

photo credit: Being Interior Decorator

This room is appealing, sets the mood for relaxation, and uses all three of these lighting features.  The recessed cans and the spot on the art give ambient light to the room; while barrel pendant over the chaise offers task lighting for reading.  And for the sparkle — notice the city lights reflecting on the window panes along with the midnight black pendants serving as bedside lamps.

Lighting and color play a central role in resetting the human mood.  Done properly, they can transplant you to a place of bliss.

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