Red Spices Up The American Style Colonial Revival And The Modern Metropolis

What a fabulous red lacquered door!  I saw it recently when I visited The Museum of New York City.  It’s part of  The American Style Colonial Revival and the Modern Metropolis exhibit; and the Manhattan firm of Peter Pennoyer Architects designed this gorgeous entry, later to be installed in one of their projects.

I love the architectural detailing, moldings, and most of all – the vibrant red hue.  Red in interior design can be a dichotomy of versatility; it is both traditional and trendy, classic and contemporary, timeless and new.  Red is bold and attention getting, often the first thing people notice.  Red doors are warm and inviting, drawing the visitor in to explore more of your fabulous decor.

Perhaps your front door needs sprucing up so consider using this image to inspire a new look for your entry.  Don’t just paint it, take the extra step and have it lacquered with a high sheen to make a real statement.  Remember: imperfections are more noticeable when you use a glossy finish so your painter will need to sand and prep well to achieve this look.

Also, take time this week as you drive around neighborhoods to admire Colonial Revival architecture – the use of red brick, multi-paned windows, shutters and architectural features that incorporate elements from ancient Greece and Rome.  Architects also used colors for this style that were derived from pigments found from the earth.  The reds, golds, and blues used give contrast to the neutral colors of some of the other building materials.

So have fun admiring homes and buildings built in this style, and think about how you might use red to spice up your space.


photo credit:  susan currie design

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