design-objects-7250What We Need from You…

• Complete a client questionnaire before our first meeting, so we’ll have an idea early on about who you are and what you’re looking for.

• Share inspiration photos of rooms and furnishings you like. Pinterest or Houzz are great tools to share this information with Susan!

• Consider the elements you’d like to keep and what you’re ready to part with.

• Be sure to check for messages we send to you, so we can keep the process moving.

drawing-7253-2What we do…

• Listen to your needs, taking into account your lifestyle, budget and requirements.

• Review your information and our meeting notes to create a fabulous design concept, tailored to suit your specific desires.

• Measure and photograph the space, including existing furnishings, so that we can create your new design using accurate information.

• Create floor plans and elevations to scale, so you may accurately envision your new space.

tapemeasure-7229What you get from us…

• A complete floor plan to illustrate the room’s design

• A furniture plan, so you can see what’s included and where it’s designed to fit

• Detailed furniture selections

• Fabric, wall coverings, and paint color selections, where needed

• Procurement services to purchase your new furnishings, cabinetry, appliances and finishes. Susan also designs custom furnishings and cabinetry suited for your space requirements.

• Project budget and costs

• Assistance obtaining bids for your renovation. You can rely on our expertise to select the most skilled, experienced tradesmen for your project.

Are you ready to get started? Susan’s ready to begin the design process with you and promises to make it as painless as possible. Reach out to Susan Currie Design today and learn how you can get started on your project!