Spring Break: Beach Style 101

outdoor patio

Outdoor design by Susan Currie design

Winter days are nearly gone and spring is in the air.  This time of year is a great time to head somewhere warm, grab some shorts and a sleeveless shirt and relax by the beach.  A great time to take a break, and start looking forward to what Summer can bring.

The beach with its casual colors and feel makes us feel relaxed and inspired.  A towel, a good book and some sunglasses is all you really need.

For some of us going on a trip for Spring Break, its possible we will want to bring the feeling of fun and sun back home with us.  There are a few ways to bring that feeling into your home all year round.

  • A lot of beach style places use dark wood floors to give that weathered feel.
  • Clean white walls give a feeling of calm and relaxation.
  • Ceilings covered with a glossy beadboard reflect light back into the room, and give a beach cottage feel.
  • Rugs made from natural fiber remind us of shipyards and docks.
  • Furniture upholstered in white or ivory carry the easy breezy feeling all the way through your home.
  • If it’s too much white, use some throw pillows with bold cabana stripes to break it up.

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image via Susan Currie Design