Styling the Perfect Patio

This time of year, we spend a lot of our evenings on the patio. Golden hour stretches on, twilight brings some relief from the heat, and a cold cocktail perfects the scene. First, though, we must style the space! Not sure where to start? We’re here to help.

Shade Source

If you want to spend any quantity of time on your patio, you’re going to need some shade. The luckiest among us have a beautiful old tree overhead. For everyone else, an umbrella is an easy solve. Add sandbag weights if you are in a high rise or a windy area; you don’t want it to blow over. For more shade and a classic look, a retractable awning or a pergola may suit your space. Or, if you lean more contemporary, consider a triangular shade sail!


Half the fun of being outside is the company of foliage friends. Go big with elephant ear or birds of paradise. Or opt for function with a series of potted herbs. Rosemary, thyme, and basil are great and will add flavor to summer meals while dining al fresco.  If you delight in blooms, visit your local garden center for flowers that will add seasonal color. If your home is modern in style, find yourself some low-maintenance ornamental grasses. You’ll find that some plants will thrive better than others in the microclimate of your patio. Experiment and see what’s happiest!

Space for your passion

What do you most love to do outside? Do you want to dig in the soil? Race through this year’s beach reads? Do you have a distant bestie you talk to on the phone every day? Whatever it is, make space for it on your patio. Get a side table for your iced tea, and settle in. This beautiful weather comes but once a year, let’s soak it up

Invite friends

Many of my favorite summer memories are of gatherings with friends. If you’ve got the space, create an area to entertain on your patio. Maybe you can only fit a bistro table, enough for a friend and an iced latte, or a porch swing. Maybe there’s room for a dining table! Invite those you love outside into your oasis.

Mood lighting

Once you’ve got your patio set up for all the important activities, you’ll want some romantic lighting for evenings. Perhaps a large lantern or two will be enough for your purposes. For more light, consider string lights – an easy and endlessly charming option. If you’re really ready to commit to your outdoor lighting, consider low-voltage landscape lighting. It can highlight your beautiful garden in the evenings, as well as creating lovely ambiance.

Once you’ve covered those bases, you’ll find yourself in an outdoor haven. Can we join you out there? We’ll bring the wine.

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