Susan Currie Selected to Design Room in Upcoming Inspiration House

I have to start telling you about the 2012 Inspiration House that’s part of the fabulous Cathedral Antiques Show. The showhouse gods shined down on me, and I was selected to design a room. If you love blue—a soothing hue in color theory—you’ll have to come see my creative twist to one of the bathrooms. As a color associated with cleansing and relaxation, blue is perfect for the palette of a spa-like space.

Many of my vendors are supporting my efforts and helping bring my design concept to life at the Inspiration House, so I am going to start telling you about these great showrooms and manufacturers—but I’m only going to tickle your fancy with a few per post, so check back to the blog for more!

This is the Dedar fabric I selected.

First on my list is Jerry Pair, who represents Dedar, founded in 1976 in Italy. Italy produces some of the finest fabrics, and if you’re familiar with the area near Como, you know about the many fabric manufacturers there. I love this area of Italy and am thrilled to have Dedar’s support. I’d like to give special thanks to these three deserving contributors: Jamey Laughery from Jerry Pair; Roger Cahoon, President of Dedar’s North American Division; and Barter and Galambos, the workroom that’s set to make a stylish shower curtain with the Dedar fabric.

The Inspiration House is on the grounds of Atlanta’s Cathedral of St. Philip. There will be a premier for the Inspiration House on Jan. 28, and then tours Sundays and Thursdays through Feb. 12. Follow the blog for more updates on the Inspiration House and my design.