Bathroom Shelves Are Space Savers

While we a plethora of of examples of large, sprawling, spa-like bathroom design in magazines and websites, but the reality is most of us have at least one smaller bathroom in our lives. Bathroom storage space is often a premium, which is why shelves can be so handy. They are space savers as well as decorating opportunities for your bathroom.Bathroom_Shelves_A

No wall’s too small. Take a look at blank wall spaces and see if shelving is a good option. Shelving material can be cut to any size, and painted any color, making them a versatile storage option. Even the narrowest shelves can hold an item or two.Bathroom_Shelves_B

Try glass. For a more contemporary look, you can install glass shelves. They are easy to keep clean and work with any color or design, which means they can remain a permanent fixture even as your design tastes and colors change over the years.Bathroom_Shelves_C

By the tub. Hanging shelves along the tub wall is a wonderful way to house candles, bath salts, bubble bath, and provides a place to rest your glass or wine or a book.Bathroom_Shelves_D

If you have a small space that would benefit from space saving tricks, contact me at Susan Currie Design today!

Photo Source: Houzz

Wallpaper Back In Vogue

photo credit: hey coo babe

photo credit: hey coo babe

Wallpaper has been making a come back and is in vogue! If you love Pinterest or Houzz, I am sure you are seeing more rooms that feature wallpaper.  So how would you like to use wallpaper to add style to a room?
It’s a great way to add color and interest to a bathroom.
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Here are a few of my tips if to help if you are want to add wallpaper:
1) Find the qualified wallpaper hanger.  I keep a list of great installers and can help my clients through the process of choosing someone.
2) Have your wallpaper hanger come to the job site to take measurements and give you an installation estimate.  Have a sample with the repeat and yardage amount on each roll- important information to order the proper amount from the
3) Make sure you prepare your sheetrock correctly for the installation.  Use an oil based primer so moisture from the wall will not seep through your wallpaper. This correct primer also prevents the paper corners from curling and helps the process of removing wallpaper when you decide to change the look of your room down the line.
Contact us at if you want to look for wallpaper for your house.  I have some great new books from my Wallquest rep that I’d love to share with you.

Bathroom Design: Making Old Grout Look Amazing

Grout might not be the most glamorous topic related to bathroom design, but it’s important nonetheless. I am amazed how I was able to transform the grout in my Inspiration House bathroom with the help of a simple product. I have to thank Josh Andrews and Bob Andrews with Gilcraft Construction for finding PolyBlend Grout Renew. It changed the dull, worn off-white grout into a wonderful warm grey. The contrast with the original ’80s tile that’s back in style transformed old and worn into fantastic! Check out the before and after…

BEFORE:AFTER:This is a simple solution for anyone who is renovating a room with grout that may be stained and won’t clean up well after using grout cleaner.

Don’t forget to visit the Inspiration House later this month or in early February to see my whole bathroom design put together!