Color Inspiration for Making Your Bedroom Pop

If the thought of impending winter blues is already getting you down, you may be interested in a little bedroom color inspiration.

I wanted to share three ideas for bedroom color from to get you motivated.

  • Poppy Red + Mink Grey. Poppy Red works well with shades of grey and you can also throw in the occasional saffron accent too. This color combination is sophisticated but also has a fun and cheerful ambiance.
  • Blush Pink + Yellow. This feminine bedroom would be a desirable place to sip tea, relax with a book, or catch up on movies while ensconced in a fluffy down comforter. The blush pink walls are colorful without being bright and the yellow accents are cheerful. The black elements make it modern and prevent it from seeming girlish.
  • Coral Orange + Aqua Blue. The combination of coral orange and aqua blue can take your bedroom in several directions, from floral to artsy to seaside. A neutral backdrop is the key.
And remember, never be afraid to layer colors and patterns. Use this fall to update your bedroom with a new, colorful
palette and you’ll have your own spot of color to retreat to when the perpetual greys of winter settle in.  If you are
looking for more helpful decorating tips, don’t hesitate to contact us today.





How Do Colors Affect Behavior? Choosing Paint for Kids’ Rooms

When you begin searching for color inspiration for your child’s room, it can be a daunting challenge. With a nearly unlimited palette, I personally find it intimidating to choose the perfect color to make the room feel just right. Fortunately, a little color psychology can help you the way it has helped me.

childrens room
Source: AMDG Architects via Houzz

High Energy

The warm colors include reds, yellows, oranges and even yellow-green, and their effect tends to be one of high energy. When I painted a room bright orange, it became overwhelming and I had to tone it down to avoid having it be too energetic. For a child’s room, a subdued orange or yellow is sociable without acting like a constant sugar high.

childrens room
Source: Crisp Architects via Houzz

Relaxation and Focus

Blue, purple and green are cool colors, and they are great for relaxing and unwinding. Even a child needs low-key moments, and blue is great for toning down the space. When I painted a room green, I noticed immediately that it became a more neutral place for reading and creativity. Accented with warm colors, cool colors can work wonders.

For the ultimate in color inspiration, contact us and see how much our expertise can enliven and enrich your child’s room.

Colorful Sinks Make a Big Impact

bathroom design
Source: Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech via Houzz

Whether large or small, subtle changes in your bathroom’s decor can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of this small, yet essential room in your home. For a fresh innovative spin on bathroom decor, without a complete overhaul, consider a colorful sink.

bathroom design
Source: Brookstone Builders via Houzz
  • Colorful sinks masks undesirable areas.  Instead of a white counter top that shows every speck of dust, small scratches and grout, a colorful sink masks imperfections.
  • Add a personal touch to your bathroom by using a custom color. As with paint, a sink can be constructed to match a unique color palette that you’ve created for your bathroom decor. The sinks are particularly attractive for kids rooms and for all styles of decor.
  • Durability is an important feature of colorful sinks since they are made from hardy natural resources, and not synthetic materials as most cookie cutter sinks installed in traditional homes.
bathroom design
Source: Reaume Construction & Design via Houzz

Best of all colorful sinks are available in a variety of cuts and designs. Regardless of your sink’s shape and whether it’s dual or single, it’s possible to install a colorful sink in your home’s bathrooms.

For more interior design ideas that are personalized to your home’s needs, contact me at 888-624-1272.

Five Tips for Working With Color Consultants

Susan Currie

Source: Susan Currie

As a color consultant, I have found that when I am contacted by people about their plans for décor color choices they are often filled with fantastic ideas, but unsure of the steps to implement their bold desires. And that is where the fun begins!

color palette

Source: Susan Currie

Keep these five tips in mind:

  1. We will be working closely with one another to develop the color palette that matches your dreams. First we will start by discovering what colors appeal to your tastes and what you want to avoid.
  2. It helps if you have items to show me, such as a rug, a tapestry or even your own color swatches that you have been considering. Don’t be shy.
  3. Be open to suggestions. This is where many people get hung up.
  4. We want it to be right, so we may have to paint your walls with samples of the colors we are considering. Prepare yourself for the samples.
  5. The process is a collaboration, so let your ideas fly. Include furniture, paneling, trim and other accents that will make a difference in your decisions.
color palette

Source; Susan Currie

I want our goal to be finding you the color inspiration that will create the home of your dreams. Let’s talk.

Pantone Color Fashion Report for 2014

Pantone is already thinking ahead with the introduction of their Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014 and these colors are spectacular! Released during New York Fashion Week, it made quite the splash; and included ten separate colors for both women and men along with wonderful designer sketches.


Colors 2014

Source: Pantone’s Official Website

The ten top colors of women for Spring 2014 are:

  • Placid Blue
  • Violet Blue
  • Paloma
  • Hemlock
  • Sand
  • Dazzling Blue
  • Radiant Orchard
  • Cayenne
  • Freesia
  • Celosia Orange

And for men several of the colors overlap from the women’s list while three where solely selected for their masculine shading. The three are:

  • Magenta Purple
  • Purple Haze
  • Comfrey

The beauty is each shading has a complementing pairing, one bold and one pastel and several neutrals that work as the perfect backdrop for the remaining selections. In fact, Pantone Color Institute executive director, Leatrice Eisman noted, “This season consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium.”  And these color trends definitely give fashionistas plenty to work with when it comes to experimenting with new color combinations.

Would you like assistance in incorporating some of these new exciting shades into your life? Contact us online or give us a call at Susan Currie Design today at 888-624-1272.

High Point Market 2013!

High Point Market

Source: High Point Market

For over a century, the High Point Market has been drawing the best and the brightest in the home furnishings industry. Along the way, it has grown into the largest furnishings shows in the world. Last year, a record 80,000 industry professionals – and quite a few dedicated amateurs – from almost every country in the world visited the show. This year promises even more.

High Point Market

Source: High Point Market

The Market is spread out over 10 million square feet in 180 buildings. Over 2,000 exhibitors will be there showcasing tens of thousands of new product designs. The event takes place October 19 – 24, Doors open at 9 a.m. sharp. Despite the fun, this really is a business opportunity for anyone in the industry. First-timers should checkout check out one of the free orientation seminars. It’s well worth the time.

With all this excitement, you know we’ll be there. We hope to see you too.

For more information about this exciting interior design event, please contact us at Susan Currie Design. Susan and her team can be found online at or reached directly at 504-237-6112.

Vivid Colors Take Center Stage at Maison & Objet 2013

Maison & Objet, Europe’s largest design exhibition, wrapped up in September and it seems that color is once again a major trend. Bright primary colors can be difficult to work with so I thought I would share some great ideas on how you can incorporate these bright color trends into your home design subtly or with bold abandon.

Bright Color Trends for the upcoming Season

Collection by Moustache

Mixing wood and color is a wonderful way to keep vivid colors from overpowering your interior. You can choose to paint a chair or a shelf or two, for a more subtle effect. Or, you can opt to paint large sections of a piece, leaving a couple of natural sides or borders to break up the monotony of a single color.

You are going to see in increase of bright colors in the world of home accessories and fashion. Jonathan Adler’s line of home accessories are always fun and playful.

Jonathan Adler Collection at Maison et Objet

Infuse your home with energy by incorporating these bright colors. If you are stuck on how to blend color with your current decor, give me a call at Susan Currie Design at 504.237.6112.

Blues and Purples Make a Big Splash This Year

While Pantone may have chosen Emerald Green for the 2013 Color of the Year, High Point Market’s Style Report claims, “Blue is the new emerald.” I’m noticing blues and purples everywhere this season and the effects are brilliant. Here are ideas for bringing the new blue and purple color trends into your interior design.

living room

Source: Houzz

Furniture. Different shades of blues work nicely together such as this living room with has a dark, more stately couch and lively blue-infused accent pillows. These regal, purple modular sofas create a modern look with a comfortable ambiance.

purple walls

Source: Houzz

Walls. I always love blue as a wall color choice. My opinion is also backed by 2000 homes in the UK, where surveys report that blue walls are more conducive to a good night’s sleep. Purple is also a soothing shade on a wall, but you want to avoid going too dark in a small space.

Textiles. Whether you choose to use solid colors, or opt for prints, accent pillows are one of the simplest ways to change up the color in your home.

Need to find the perfect shades of blue or purple for your home design? Contact me at Susan Currie Design. 888-624-1272.

Filling Out Empty Corners

Have you ever thought what do I do with this corner in my home?  A corner can cause a hiccup for home designers and in a small space, corners can seem even more daunting because there isn’t enough room to place a piece of furniture with a standing plant or lamp behind it.

This article has great tips for filling empty room corners with style, even in a small space.

house plant

Source: Houzz

Plants. Tall house plants are a simple way to fill corners. An attractive pot, a bag of potting soil, and weekly to bi-weekly watering are all you need to keep most house plants thriving.

dining room

Source: Houzz

Corner shelves. There are so many different types of shelves or cabinets, designed to fit snugly into a square corner. Some are designed to be highly functional such as a pantry, china or linen cabinet. Other corner shelves can be used as a combination of function and artistry, like this cheerfully painted pyramid-style unit.


Source: Houzz

Reading nook. A chair and a small table are all that you need to create a sweet little reading nook. You can also keep your eye out for a corner table or desk to transform a corner into a small working space.

Are corners hindering your New Orleans home design? Contact Susan Currie Design.

Add Greenery to Your Decor

In an era where “green design” is all the rage, why not decorate with one of the most green materials on the planet – live plants? Decorating with plants is a refreshing way to bring living energy into your space.

Here are ideas, courtesy of and

hanging plants

Source: Houzz

Hanging plants. Porches aren’t the only spaces that benefit from hanging plants. Plants can provide a  boundary between interior spaces. That’s an especially beneficial technique for small studio or loft designs. They can also add an indoor/outdoor feel to breakfast nook.

wall plants

Source: Decoist

Wall plants. Look what a clever, artistic arrangement can be made using vessels designed as wall hangings. I often see this in backyards and patios, but how lovely it is to see it in a room with ample natural light.

house plants

Source: Decoist

Make your space a terrarium. Terrariums are a miniature eco-systems unto themselves. You can create your own terrarium effect by decorating with plants of all shapes and sizes, trees, vines, blooming plants and succulents. Or you can plant a real terrarium for an interesting and magical world of your own.

For assistance in adding the right plants to your space, give me a call – 888-624-1272.