Singing the Blues

It was interesting to learn the history of the color but more importantly the symbolism and psychological effects it has on people when they see this particular hue. What do you think of or feel like when you see the color blue?  Blue has been shown to be a color of loyalty and fidelity, it’s the color of water and air therefore it leads consumers to clean and fresh    Blue is also associated with calmness and sadness.  This idea not only correlates with interiors but it’s recognized in our everyday products.  Think about water bottle labels or some of the popular banking branch logos.  Most of them have the color blue- this is going back to the idea that blue represent loyalty, faithfulness, and cleanliness.  Forty percent of people in the world’s favorite color is said to be blue.  Who knew Blue was so interesting.

Cashiers Designers Showhouse Pops With Fall Colors

Today begins the first full day of Fall, and many of us are ready for cooler weather and the beauty of the changing foliage.  When I visited the Cashiers Designer Showhouse earlier this month, I adored this lounging porch designed by Francie Hargrove.

The designer’s use of brown and orange reminded me of the fall season.  Fall weather is perfect for outdoor living so consider creating an outdoor space for you, your family and friends to enjoy the changing season. This room has a handsome outdoor fireplace.  No fireplace, easy solution — consider adding a fire pit. You also can add brown and orange accessories to your seating area to create an outdoor space to reflect and enjoy the changing leaves.

I love the brown and cream large-scale gingham along with the contrast of colors – the orange pops off the earthy brown upholstery on the lounging porch. Notice the mixture of textures and pattern as well.

Even though the Showhouse has closed, Cashiers, North Carolina is a wonderful place to visit — especially for those with an eye for design.  If you’re in the area, make sure you visit places such as Vivianne Metzger AntiquesRustics, D. Estes Antiques, Etc., Dovetail Antiques, Ryan and Company Antiques, Tess at Chestnut Square, and Bound’s Cave.  They offer wonderful furniture and accessories with character and history.  Sophisticated and distinctive, their pieces are sure to be the perfect complement to your homes.

On a side note, take a look at this Cashiers Designer Showhouse ad that I helped style with Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles’ Brad Hanner.  We had so much fun gathering antiques and other accessories from local antique dealers in Cashiers.

Bold Colors Work Well With Neutral Walls

I’m always on the lookout for visually appealing work from a wide array of sources.  Different designs, images, and objects are tremendous sources of inspiration– and they often lead to bursts of creativity.

Here is an example of inspiration through color and imagery from The Mansion Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia.  On a recent trip, I was greeted by the wonderful aesthetic created by the Mansion’s interior design. The lobby area walls were neutral, but they were able to add color through their artwork as well as the upholstered furniture.  Here are some fabulous images detailing the rich vibrant looks:








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