Singing the Blues

It was interesting to learn the history of the color but more importantly the symbolism and psychological effects it has on people when they see this particular hue. What do you think of or feel like when you see the color blue?  Blue has been shown to be a color of loyalty and fidelity, it’s the color of water and air therefore it leads consumers to clean and fresh    Blue is also associated with calmness and sadness.  This idea not only correlates with interiors but it’s recognized in our everyday products.  Think about water bottle labels or some of the popular banking branch logos.  Most of them have the color blue- this is going back to the idea that blue represent loyalty, faithfulness, and cleanliness.  Forty percent of people in the world’s favorite color is said to be blue.  Who knew Blue was so interesting.

Vivid Colors Take Center Stage at Maison & Objet 2013

Maison & Objet, Europe’s largest design exhibition, wrapped up in September and it seems that color is once again a major trend. Bright primary colors can be difficult to work with so I thought I would share some great ideas on how you can incorporate these bright color trends into your home design subtly or with bold abandon.

Bright Color Trends for the upcoming Season

Collection by Moustache

Mixing wood and color is a wonderful way to keep vivid colors from overpowering your interior. You can choose to paint a chair or a shelf or two, for a more subtle effect. Or, you can opt to paint large sections of a piece, leaving a couple of natural sides or borders to break up the monotony of a single color.

You are going to see in increase of bright colors in the world of home accessories and fashion. Jonathan Adler’s line of home accessories are always fun and playful.

Jonathan Adler Collection at Maison et Objet

Infuse your home with energy by incorporating these bright colors. If you are stuck on how to blend color with your current decor, give me a call at Susan Currie Design at 504.237.6112.

Chic Outdoor Rugs for a Stylish Outdoor Room

Remember when patios were an afterthought, comprised of a few chairs, a table, and a lounger? Staycation trends and a revived interest in natural living have placed a renewed emphasis on designing outdoor spaces that are extensions of comfortable and attractive interior living spaces.

One way to add an extra element of style and comfort to a patio or deck is to incorporate a chic outdoor rug.

Outdoor room with Rug

  • Rugs to save the world. Many of the best rugs for outdoor life incorporate recycled materials that can stand the test of time, weather, and sun exposure. One example is the Chatham rug for Safavieh. The hand-woven 4×6 rug uses yarn made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It is both weather- and stain-resistant. Safavieh-Chatham2
  • Beach front patio. FLOR’s Elemental Stripe is actually an arrangement of carpet tiles that can be arranged according to your space. They are inspired by the colorful patterns found on beach towels. The weave is loose and low pile which makes it easy on the feet and keeps maintenance to a minimum. Best of all, the tiles can be recycled once they have served their purpose. FLOR-Elemental-Stripe rug

Give me a call at 1-800-624-1272 to begin designing your chic outdoor living space.

Images: Elle Decor

New Year’s Resolutions… For Your House?

A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions for their personal lives, but completely forget about their home. After all, your home is a place you spend a majority of your time. If you’ve already made your New Year’s resolutions, there are some ways you can keep them and still spruce up your home for 2013 with some simple interior design ideas.


Lose Weight (Drop Unnecessary Clutter)

“I’m going to lose weight this year” is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. While shedding that extra 10 pounds might require you to spend a lot of time at the gym, getting rid of your unnecessary clutter in your home, giving it a leaner, more focused look isn’t so hard. If you just can’t figure out what to do on your own, consider hiring a professional designer. They’ll be able to help you find better ways to use the space in your home or make renovations.

Make Big Changes

Every year, people tell themselves they’re going to make big changes. That resolution should apply to your home, too. Making major changes to your home décor or the structure of your home doesn’t have to be scary and overwhelming — not if you have the right help. Whether you just want new furniture, need some new interior design ideas, or want to build a new home altogether, 2013 can be the year you do it.

If you’re interested in redoing your home for the New Year, call Susan Currie Design at 888-624-1272.

Decorating with Timeless Neutral Tones

Spring is a natural time for homeowners to refresh their space, from quick updates like changing hardware or lighting to full-on room makeovers, complete with a revamped color palette and new furnishings.

A color scheme doesn’t have to be bright to look fabulous. If you’re thinking about refreshing your space, there’s a great video on on “Freshening Up Your Home for Spring” that shows a wonderful master bedroom transformation. Although the room starts out with pink walls, outdated florals and heavy traditional furniture, HGTV’s Sarah Richardson shows how she layered beautiful neutral tones with texture and style for a gorgeous, updated master retreat. As Sarah explains in the video, neutrals aren’t necessarily dull. She wants people to see that “neutral is natural, and natural can be beautiful”—and I couldn’t agree more!

Visit to watch the video and see what timeless neutrals can do for your home!

Image: HGTV