4 Top Tips for Surviving a Home Renovation

While exciting, home renovations can take a toll. Our own Susan Currie is in the midst of her own kitchen and family room renovation. While it’s not always roses, the progress happening is worth it. After living through multiple renovations of her own, and managing dozens of renovations for her clients, Susan has become somewhat of a home renovation expert. Today, she’s sharing her top four tips for surviving your own home renovation…

  • Consider what living onsite during the renovation will be like. There will be dust, countless interruptions, and early arrivals of contractors, all while you’re trying to live life as normally as possible. If you have the option, living offsite while the biggest projects take place may be a good idea.
  • Are you really prepared for the actual costs of a home renovation? Once walls are opened up with pipes and wiring exposed, the costs have a way of adding up and going beyond what even the most seasoned designers and contractors quote. Unanticipated situations and circumstances will arise. Prepare yourself – and budget – as much as possible!
  • Get ready for some timeline surprises. Contractors work with numerous people, who are working on multiple projects. It can be a bit of a waiting game. Be prepared for shifts in the timeline of your project.
  • Finally, remember the phrase: “Grace Under Pressure.” Your home renovation will be a somewhat stressful situation, no matter the precautions and planning that takes place. Always be grateful and appreciative to everyone working on your project. Buying lunch for workers goes a long way! Many of our contractors are true craftsmen and artisans, and a little appreciation for their work will mean so much.

After taking that all in, are you ready to begin the process of a renovation for your home? Our team can help you manage your renovation project – contact us today!

Pillow Talk

Pillows add visual interest to any room. They can dress up a bed or transform a sofa in to a real showstopper.  If you are you looking for perfect pillows for your house, consider adding one-of-a-kind, custom pillows.

Photo via Cote De Texas

Photo via Cote De Texas

This week Rebecca Vizard of B. Viz Design spoke in New Orleans about her love of antique textiles and how she creates exquisite pillows from embroidered fabrics from Turkey and Europe. She travels the world to find the perfect fabrics for her creations. When back in her studio, she designs the pillows for her team of needleworkers to create. Seamstresses carefully cut the embroidered patterns from the textiles; then appliquéd them on to new fabric. A larger pillow can take up to 60 hours to make!

Embroidered Pillows from B. Viz

Embroidered Pillows from B. Viz

There are some many ways to create unique pillows for your home.  So if want to do a quick room makeover by adding new pillows, contact Susan Currie Design for some “Pillow Talk” to design one of a kind pillows just for you. 



Decorating for Couples: When Styles Clash

We all know that opposites attract, but it can be tricky when those opposites try to work together to create a new interior design. The home decor can become a mismatched mess if you don’t put the right opposites together.

Here are some suggestions on how to blend two different design styles into a harmonious motif.


Female interior designer with two clients at office choosing colors


Set the expectations early. Before you embark on your redesign, sit down and agree on the basics: budget, color palette, types of furnishings, as well as what should stay and what should go. This will help to smooth out the transition process. Make sure that all parties in the home are represented in the design.


Young woman choose tiles


Listen. In my time as an interior designer, I have noticed that many couples have a single “nester,” and it’s the nester who makes 99% or more of the design choices. It’s important that the main designer really listen to the other party. If they hesitate before responding to a query, or suggest that you don’t need to purchase a particular item, that may be their way of saying, “that really doesn’t reflect my taste.”

Need a design mediator to help bring harmony to your New Orleans home decor? Contact Susan Currie Design.


New Orleans’ Magazine Street: My Favorite Shops

I recently moved from Atlanta to New Orleans and am balancing interior design projects in both places. In NOLA, I’ve been enjoying walks beneath the lazy Oak limbs in Audubon Park as well as shopping at the fabulous boutiques on Magazine Street. Here are the New Orleans shops I recommend, whether you’re a Big Easy native or just visiting:

Objets Trouves
This is a wonderful place offering original art, framing and accessories. The owner, Linda, has a flare for finding great artists!

Bremermann Designs
Gerrie Bremermann has a shop filled with antiques and unique finds for the home. You’ve likely seen her published in shelter magazines; she’s a well-established designer in New Orleans, and an inspiration for all.

White Camellia
The White Camellia has lots of stylish accessories, and you have to check out the back patio for great outdoor décor!

Fleurty Girl
This is one of my favorite shops that captures the true spirit of New Orleans. Don’t miss the great T-shirts and wearable décor.

Rye Shop
Rye is another great shop for clothing, jewelry and accessories.  My friend Giselle owns it, so tell her that I told you to stop by!

Clement Hardware & Variety
Located at the corner of Magazine and State Streets, Clement Hardware is a walk back in time. They’ll even help you repair a lamp or find the right hardware or tool for the job. Look for the old gas space heaters that many of us remember—I certainly have memories of standing in front of the heater early on a chilly morning in Mississippi getting warm.

Lilette Restaurant and La Petit Grocery
Don’t forget to get some nourishment and stop for lunch at Lilette Restaurant or La Petit Grocery while you’re shopping. There’s so much to see!

What are your favorite destinations on Magazine Street?

Image via Southern Living