Painted Cabinetry Adds Color and Life to Your Kitchen

Have you ever taken a long look at your kitchen and noticed the proportions of the various features? You will  notice that the cabinets occupy over half the total area. This means good things for you if you are looking to make a change in your kitchen design.

green kitchen cabinets

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The flat surfaces provide a great canvas that can be used to make dramatic or more subtle statements. But why stop at staining?

blue stove and island


You can mix and match paints and colorful appliances to create the perfect cooking retreat for you and your family. You also have the option of making a truly unique room by utilizing all of the surface spaces, this includes, walls, cabinets, appliances, countertops, tiling and flooring.

painted and stained cabinets


Many people feel that painting cabinets will distract from the primary theme of a kitchen however, by blending painted cabinets and stained cabinets the decor becomes a true eye popping sensation. And by utilizing colors, you can create bold illusions or bring attention to your glass faced cabinets.

painted cabinets resembling hutch


You can make your kitchen design just as lively as the foods and conversations that take place there. If you have ideas, or would like to explore your decor options, call Susan Currie Design  at 888-624-1272.

5 Questions To Consider When Choosing The Right Color For Your Kitchen



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If you want to love your kitchen, you need splashes of color.  Why?  Because colors add life, warmth and character, and make your home a home and a kitchen dazzle!

The goal of an interior designer is to give the clients the confidence to see what actually works best for their home.  This is why color is such an important component of design.  Surrounding yourself with colors that make you happy is the key to successful interior design–and clients who know what colors make them comfortable have already won the battle.

When thinking about what colors are best in a kitchen, I recommend colors like yellow, orange and red because they are active colors. They promote conversation and help increase the appetite.

Here are five great questions to consider when choosing the right color for your kitchen:

  1. Is there a color that you love that you would like to use in the kitchen?
  2. How will the color your considering enhance the finish of the cabinetry?
  3. Is there a color in the backspash tile or countertop material that could be used for the wall color?
  4. Will the color in the kitchen need to blend with adjoining rooms?
  5. How will the color add warmth and interest to the space so you and your guests will enjoy congregating in your fabulous kitchen?

These are all simple questions, and asking them will help you determine the final color for your kitchen.  You’ll eliminate unnecessary colors, and choose the one that pops most for your kitchen and your home.



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Lucy Currie’s Art Shines At The High As Part Of The MOCA Permanent Collection

If you’re looking for a wonderful way to spend your weekend, head out to The High Museum of Art to see the exhibition Trading Places I:  Selections from the MOCA Permanent Collection at the High Museum of Art.  The collection is a collaboration between The High and The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, and it is comprised of 32 works from 22 Georgia artists including my cousin Lucy Currie.

Lucy does pencil drawings and oils that are full of color and whimsy.  She has a playful quality to her art and for those who know her, you see her personality and sense of humor in her work.  I also love her use of color and have two of her oils in my personal collection — both full of saturated color.  Lucy uses lots of paint while creating; and if you see the easel in her studio, it’s covered in thick dollops of paint left from her many works of art.  Here’s a look at one of Lucy’s oils below.  The piece is called Hijacker:

Here’s another look at her work with a piece entitled Safari:

She does amazing work.  Take a look at her work and the other Georgia artist at the High.  You’ll be as amazed as I was.

photo credit:  mocaga

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Bold Colors Work Well With Neutral Walls

I’m always on the lookout for visually appealing work from a wide array of sources.  Different designs, images, and objects are tremendous sources of inspiration– and they often lead to bursts of creativity.

Here is an example of inspiration through color and imagery from The Mansion Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia.  On a recent trip, I was greeted by the wonderful aesthetic created by the Mansion’s interior design. The lobby area walls were neutral, but they were able to add color through their artwork as well as the upholstered furniture.  Here are some fabulous images detailing the rich vibrant looks:








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