The Colorful Wardrobe of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating six decades as queen this year, and the Diamond Jubilee celebration took place June 2-4.

As a designer who loves color, I was especially excited to see Leo Burnett London and Pantone’s take on Queen Elizabeth II’s colorful wardrobe—together they released a “limited edition colour guide of the Queen’s coordinated ensembles,” according to Yatzer. As the website explains:

“Colour is powerful and often used with purpose; something that the Queen has learned over the years. We have witnessed some of her most notable moments in her reign through the colour she wore on any particular occasion.”

Visit to see what Pantone’s executive director had to say about several important shades from the wardrobe over the last 60 years. Perhaps the royal palette could even help you pick coral, blue, purple or green tones for pops of color in your home design!

You can find out all about the stylish monarch at

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