Trend Alert: Cameos and Silhouettes Make an Appearance in the Home

Silhouettes are making a back-to-the-future comeback when it comes to interior design trends. Traditionally, silhouettes are made by tracing the outline of a scene, or a person’s profile, and then cutting it out on black card stock. When framed, the detailed outlines create touching, and remarkably identifiable portraits of sorts.

Whether you choose to use them as a cameo, or frame them independently, cameo and silhouette home decor is a sentimental way to decorate your home.  If  you decide to, you can go the traditional route or add contemporary silhouette twists.

  • Traditional. Ask your grandmother and you may find she has some silhouettes of the family tucked away in the attic, or you can always make your own silhouettes to frame and hang.silhouette on bedroom wall
  • Whimsical. Paint a faux-silhouette on the wall, mimicking a non-existent piece of furniture for a whimsical, colorful addition to a room.whimsical silhouette
  • Artistic. You can create an artistic stencil-like silhouette, like a branch of a tree, or a floral design. Try using a different color or two in one or two spots for an eye-catching contrast.stencil silhouette
  • Children’s rooms. It’s easy to create colorful animal- and object-inspired silhouettes as central design accents in a child’s bedroom.silhouette in a child's room

Contact Susan Currie Design for more ideas on adding cameo and silhouette home decor into your New Orleans home.

Images: houzz

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