Unexpected Places to Display Art

Who says art has to hang on the walls? I certainly don’t. It’s always nice to infuse your home decor with a few unexpected twists. I love these ideas for surprising guests with unique artistic displays.Unexpected_Art_Displays_A

Patio art
. If you have an enclosed patio space, or an outdoor location that’s protected from the elements, why not hang some art outdoors? At the very least, a summertime porch can benefit from a burst of unanticipated color.Unexpected_Art_Displays_B

Above the sink. Traditionally, kitchen sinks are located on exterior walls with a view. However, this isn’t always possible in apartments and condominiums. A painting or photograph of a nature scene is a great way to combat the window-less space, and provide the illusion of a window. You can use your own photographs and have them screen-painted on glass cabinet doors as an alternative.Unexpected_Art_Display_C

Utility spaces. There’s no reason why utility spaces have to be drab and function-only destinations. Consider hanging your kids’ art above their cubbies, or hang beautiful pieces where you’ll be folding laundry to infuse work spaces with inspiration. Even a small work space is enhanced by art.Unexpected_Art_Display_D

Ready to rearrange your art displays? Contact me at Susan Currie Design today! I’d love to be of assistance!

Photo Source: Houzz

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