Exploring Home Updates with Financial Savvy

Have you been rooted in your home for years, enjoying the benefits of a paid-off mortgage or low-interest rates?  Now is the ideal moment to contemplate a renovation.

While the thought of moving may cross your mind; financially enhancing your current haven often outweighs the option of diving into a new mortgage. Leveraging the equity and accrued value in your home could turn a dated kitchen or bathroom into a worthwhile investment. Also consider updating a room or two by refreshing tired upholstered furniture or draperies that have been steadfast companions for years.

At Susan Currie Design, we take joy in guiding our clients through decisions that not only add value to their homes but also breathe new life into their living spaces. Please connect with us to explore the possibilities and discuss how we can tailor your home to match your evolving needs.

We are here to assist you with these important decisions by sharing our knowledge and experience with you. Click here to reach us.

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