Use Gorgeous Fresh Flowers as Spring Décor

One of the simplest things you can look to for seasonal décor is a beautiful flower arrangement. Bringing nature indoors is great any time of year, but it seems especially fitting for spring.

In this design I did for an Emory residence, a potted plant with pink blossoms adds flair on a tray on the ottoman.

For more springtime inspiration, I’ve compiled some gorgeous flower arrangement ideas. Look at this eye candy:

These peach and coral blooms bring uplifting color to this arrangement of accessories. 

A vase of tulips would make a great accent in nearly any room in the house.

This purple, white and green arrangement goes nicely with a white beadboard backdrop. 

Pretty fresh flowers are perfect to use as spring decor. Which kinds of flowers do you love to decorate with? Leave a comment to let me know!

Images: 1 Interior design by Susan Currie Design; 2 via Design Sponge; 3 via Martha Stewart; 4 via

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