Wallpaper Back in Vogue

Wallpaper is a trend that comes and goes. Right now, it’s back and we’re loving it!

It can feel like a commitment to plaster your walls with pattern. Luckily, there is now a plethora of temporary wallpapers to choose from, as well as a wide variety of timeless patterns, so your space will never look dated.

Tempaper, Chasing Paper, and WallsNeedLove offer peel-and-stick papers that you can put up and easily remove later – whether it’s because you’re moving or you’ve simply decided to redecorate. Temporary wallpapers are a perfect blend of flexibility and style.

Grass cloth offers a classic look while also adding texture. It’s versatile and, because it’s a natural material, you have the added bonus of sustainability.

Pro Tip: Seam lines are normal in grass cloth. It’s a natural product that won’t line up perfectly. You will see the seams — and that’s okay!

We used to worry about hanging wallpaper spaces with high-humidity, like bathrooms. New technology has allowed for many great vinyl wallcoverings that are beautiful and durable enough for bathrooms and/or high-traffic spaces. This opens up a world of possibilities!

We also love to use wallpaper as an accent – how about papering your ceiling or the panel of a Shaker-style cabinet door? What a delightful surprise it can be to look up and find a bold pattern!

If you’re ready to take the plunge, here’s our recommendation:

  • Choose a paper that you like.
  • Find a qualified wallpaper hanger (but be prepared to wait for the best installers!).
  • Have your wallpaper hanger measure the space. Share a sample of the wallpaper so they can give you an accurate estimate of how many rolls you’ll need.
  • Make sure your walls are properly prepared for the installation.
    • Highly textured walls will need to be skimmed so they are smooth.
    • Use an oil-based primer to prevent moisture from the wall seeping through to your wallpaper. This will also prevent the corners of the paper from curling and makes the process of removing wallpaper easier down the line, when you decide to change the look of your room.

There are more options than ever before. Call us if you would like help choosing the best options for your style and space.

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