What’s New With Color? Vibrant Jewel Tones!

Are you wondering what new colors you’ll be seeing in home decor? At the recent High Point Market, vibrant, jewel-toned colors like citron, aquamarine, fuchsia and lime were all the rage.

I think Eileen Kathryn Boyd‘s new collection of fabrics for Duralee offers a great example of embracing color. Take a look at these gorgeous rooms:

This striking space features a mix of two colors: aquamarine and creamy white. I love the bold upholstered stripe on the Duralee settee paired with the organic patterned wallpaper. So simple, but what a statement!

Grey is a great neutral to mix with bold colors—it’s considered the new beige. This combination of fuchsia, lavender, grey, and cream pops against the bold wall color.

Here’s another great example of vibrant colors mixed with soothing neutrals. This room features a combination that’s both restful and invigorating.

Are you interested in bright, jewel-toned colors in your decor? Leave a comment to share your thoughts!

Susan Currie

Images: Eileen Kathryn Boyd and Duralee

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