Which White?

Have you noticed that there are warm and cool tones when you look at the spectrum of whites? Warm whites have a creamy or beige tone because they have some red and yellow in them. Cool whites are grey in tone and work well with blues and greens.
If you want a more stimulating room, pick a warm white, perfect for rooms where you entertain.
Want calm, cool is the route to go.  Soft grey tones may help focus your thoughts or calm your emotions. Perfect for a bedroom.
To find the right shade of white for interiors think about the style of your home. The warmer tones mix well with a more traditional setting. As for a contemporary space? Think cool. Sherwin Williams recently released a great paint deck, Whites Warm & Cool, that shows off their array of whites.
Want to know which white to select to complement the colors in your room? Give me a call at 888-624-1272.